The Importance of Getting Involved


Cassidy Johncox, Co-Editor in Chief

What would school be like without sports, clubs, dodge ball tournaments, homecoming, prom, etc.? Boring. 

The fun things and groups that exist throughout our school are really what make each year more memorable than the last. Getting involved in anything going on at school could really be one of the most essential things in each student’s life.

Without getting involved, we wouldn’t have our fun Friday-night football games without (obviously) the football players, a fantastic band, the hardworking cheerleaders, or even our extremely loud fan base (cough, seniors). Our Friday would consist of waking up, going to school, and going home. What fun is that?

Getting involved makes school not only more entertaining, but a little bit easier to get through. Becoming a class officer, joining clubs, or even playing a sport introduces you to new people and really opens up that gateway for new friends. Especially being a freshman, or just being new to the school in general, getting involved helps you not only feel like a part of the school, but you’ll meet people that enjoy the same things that you do. You have to admit, school is a little more bearable when you know you get to see your friends every day.

Don’t get me wrong, the staff is extremely important in running our everyday lives at school, but the students are just as important and they need to realize that. There are great improvements we can make, great ideas we can exchange, and fun things we can plan if we work together as a team. If you think about it, we’re like one great, big family, and our years at Tower could be much more enjoyable if we treat each other like a family.

If you want your thoughts heard, get involved so that they can be. It’s a great thing to be able to contribute to the school; to be able to say “I did that“. There are clubs and sports for everyone. There’s no discrimination, so if something interests you, ask about it. Go for it. You only have four years here at WWT, why not make the most of them? Try different things out- maybe a musical or a sport you never thought you would play. You’ve really got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.