2015 Teachers of the Year

2015 Teachers of the Year

Allison Hansen

Tower’s Occupational Therapists Michele Morgan and Deborah Carlton were nominated by their students to receive this year’s Teacher (or should I say Teachers) of the Year Award.  Both women have been working in the district for the last nine years and they have contributed so much to our community.  Some of their accomplishments include the environmental work they have done through their collaboration with our Green Club, hosting field trips for students in the POHI department in and outside of the district, and operating a fully functioning workshop where they use recycled and repurposed materials to create practical art.

When they found out that so many of their students had put in nominations for them, they couldn’t have been more than thrilled.  “Our goal is to develop activities that motivate and excite the students we work with.  The students provide motivation to continually expand and challenge ourselves.  We strongly believe in the powerful impact of hands-on learning and taking pride in your work.  We get to see that everyday with our students,” Carlton and Morgan shared.

Not only were they excited to be nominated, but they were even more ecstatic when they learned that they would be this year’s recipients of the award.  “It’s very exciting to know that the efforts we put into our program are recognized by the district.  The support of Mr. Mackenzie and the administration at Tower has definitely contributed to our success,” Carlton and Morgan commented.

Congratulations on all of your achievements!!!