Taking the Taco Bell Breakfast Challenge


Sean Drabik, Co-Editor in Chief

When Taco Bell decides to make a breakfast, you know that its time for sardonic jerks from across the world to come and take cheap shots at the expense of company that’s literally just looking to make money and survive better in corporate competition. Luckily, I too am a sardonic jerk, so you’ll have full access to the cynical perspective on tortillas filled with eggs.

For my encounter with the Taco Bell Breakfast, I ordered the Steak Morning Crunchwrap. The breakfast was certainly filling, and tasted good if you can deal with the taste of Taco Bell food. It was really no worse than the average McDonald’s breakfast meal. The waffle taco though, now THERE was a bad tasting taco. I took a taste from my father, and the while the sausage was mostly alright, something about the cheese and the waffle itself reminded me of a half cooked carnival hot dog. Oh yes, and the Cinnabon delights, quite a delectable meal for those wishing to stop their hearts. Filled with frosting and deep fried on the outside, these pastries pack a punch that makes you never want to eat a fried dessert ever again, even if you think they do taste good.

There were choices on the menu I didn’t get to take a look at, but honestly, these gave me a decent intuition over what the meal was worth. It’s basically as good (is “good” really the right word for it?) as any other breakfast menu at a fast food restaurant. I’ve had worse breakfast foods, and certainly worse things from Taco Bell, so give it a shot. Or you know, make your own food like you should….but lets face it, that’s not nearly as fun.