Sam Raimondo, Editor



Over spring break a group of five students and Mrs.Rydant went out of the country and explored Europe.  Rose Irvine (’18), Evan Broniman (’18) , Kaila Williams (’18), and Catherine Wright (’19) were the students who went on this adventures trip! The students went to many different places and traveled to France and Spain from March 31st to April 9th. The cities they went to were Paris, Biarritz, Nimes, Avignon, Carcassonne, Nice, Monaco, and San Sebastian.

They visited many tourist spots like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Roman Ruins, The Mediterranean Sea, Castle of Carcassonne, and many more. “ The Castle was so beautiful and huge! I loved every minute of exploring it!” said Rose.

The flight was 8 hours, “The flight there was not so bad but on the way back it was horrible. The food was not good and I could not sleep,” said Evan.  They had no lay overs on the way there. The students all met at the airport and went straight from Detroit to Paris.

“The food was completely different, but I was amazing,” Kaila Williams said. “My favorite was the Steak and fries,” she also added. Many of the students enjoyed the food. There was sandwiches from Ham and Cheese to Beef and cheese.

Not any of the students disliked this trip. “I would defiantly go back! It was well worth it,” Rose said. The only downfall for the students was the sleeping schedule because Europe is 6 hours ahead of the United states.