Student Council gives the chance for a better Parking Spot


Sean Drabik

Teachers are a fortunate bunch when it comes to parking in the morning. Their spots are close to the doors of the school, and are rather easy to drive in and out of in comparison to the cramped student lot. Most students only dream to have such an efficient spot to rest their vehicle. That is, until February 13th.

On that day, two fortunate students will be chosen to take some of these spots, but only if chance favors them over multiple other entries. Student Council is holding a drawing to find the winners of this spot, all throughout the day until the 13th. Tickets are selling for only $1 each.

Every dollar spent on the drawing goes towards Student Council’s trip to Traverse City this March for the Student Council State Conference in March. So in addition to having the possibility to win a place in these superior parking spots, one can buy these tickets knowing that money they spend will be going to a worthy cause.

Student Council will be selling these all around the school, sellers holding blue buckets as they search for those who are interested, but you can also buy tickets in Room 247, Ms. Schmid’s room. If you wish to have a better place for your car or to at the very least help a good cause, buy some tickets and have the chance to do both.