While the winter play has just closed its doors, fans should not be discouraged to wait for another production. Behind the red curtains, the cast and crew are bustling for their next project coming this spring. Many have been sitting on the edge of their seats for the big reveal. The Warren Woods Tower 2016 spring musical is The Little Mermaid directed by John Forlini!


The big announcement has many students anticipating how the entire production will run. As always, the mysterious cast list leaves those who auditioned on edge. “The people who come to see it will enjoy themselves and that’s all I could hope for. I am kind of excited for it, and at the same time nervous because the cast list is on its way out,” returning thespian Isabel Wright ‘16 shares.


Auditions were held at the middle school on November 30th and December 1st. New and returning students auditioned for the Disney musical. “I expect to get a small role since it’s my first year. I want Sebastian,” new thespian John Portalski ‘16 states.


Students choose a specific role to audition for and can also pick an option of accepting other roles. Only one person can take on each role and it is important that some be flexible. “I auditioned for Ariel mainly but really any female character in the show. I’m not expecting to get her, the director is very particular with casting,” Isabel admits.


The three main leads: Princess Ariel, Prince Eric, and crab Sebastian are definitely the most desirable characters. “For the men, Prince Eric or Sebastian are the most wanted parts. Prince Eric is a noble and romantic man that sweeps Ariel off her feet. Sebastian is a lively character who helps Ariel get the prince,” describes Troy Bowman ‘16 who auditioned for Prince Eric.


“To be honest I do want to be the little Mermaid,” Isabel adds, “who wouldn’t want to be a Disney Princess for three nights?”


The cast list is not the only nerve-racking part in a production, the technology crew is as well! For students who do not want to perform, many apply for tech crew. “Tech crew’s job is to make sure everything having to do with lights, sound, and curtains is taken care of, my role during the musical is to handle spot lights. I like being a tech crew member because I like being able to help others behind the scenes,” crew member Rachel Yang ‘16 explains.


The tech crew is the perfect way to participate in the musical without actually performing! If vocalizing, dancing, and portrayal skills are not really your thing, just join the tech crew! No auditions needed! Just attend and train!

Musicals require a ton of planning and hard work. Auditions and countless rehearsals from both the cast and crew are conducted for the quality of the production, but it definitely pays off. Watch out for The Little Mermaid, swimming ashore this spring!




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