Spring Fever vs Senioritis

Emily Johnson

We’ve been buried in this cold weather for too long and when the warmer weather rolls around for even just a day, we take advantage of it and drive with our windows down, dreaming of summer. It’s that time of year, we’re all pre-occupied. There’s prom, spring break, warmer weather, and frankly everything fun happens this time of year! Alarms are set and we’re dragging ourselves out of bed but the only problem? Coming to school. With the seniors readying themselves to graduate and the underclassmen trying to picture warmer days, spring fever has struck and senioritis is in full swing.

This year, seniors were hit hard with the typical case of ‘I Don’t Care’ and it quickly became a viral plague. All over twitter, instagram, and other social networking sites, seniors are proudly showing off their days of absence.  I would ask more seniors how they feel about this viral plague, but half of them are gone and are no where to be found! As of Monday, April 15th, there’s 32 days left for seniors and 42 for everyone else but the end of those few weeks can’t come faster. Each day is dragging on but the time is going by quickly. Soon enough we’ll be signing yearbooks and getting out of Tower for the summer.

Elizabeth Kaiser, 15, says, “Is there such a thing as junioritis? Because I think I have it. Have it bad.”

Everyone is having a hard time coping with their distractions. With Spring Break just ending, juniors and seniors have their minds focused on prom! It’s only a month away and there’s so much to do; buying tickets, altering dresses or even buying them, renting a tux, finding the perfect way to get to prom, and more importantly a date. All of this, providing for a school in disarray. However we can’t forget about our grades. We still need to make it through this year!

Kyle Tempalski, 13, says, “Being in 3 AP classes it’s hard to concentrate but being in those classes, you need to focus. There’s no room to slack off.”