Skyping with Ennio


Cassidy Johncox, Co-Editor in Chief

Ever dream of meeting a celebrity? Ms. Rokicki’s Spanish class knows the feeling! After Skyping with famous musician, Ennio Emmanuel, the students gain more insight into his life and getting a feel for what it’s like to be a star.

Ennio, the musician succeeding Justo Lamas in the annual Spanish concert at WWMS, is an American-Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. Spanish teacher, Mrs. Rokicki, has Skyped Justo Lamas in the past, and moved onto Ennio after Lamas’ retirement.

“It was a good experience,” Spanish IV student, Chad Gilliam ’14, said. “I liked that he was a star but he was still humble.”

Though the students may have been a little shy to ask questions, Ennio was more than willing to talk with them, in Spanish. Students had to come up with questions to ask in Spanish, while Rokicki would translate his answers back to English for the class.

“The students were super excited all week and when the day came, no one wanted to talk; but it was good for them to hear authentic Spanish,” Rokicki said.

Rather than just a fun time out of class, the experience is also educational and important to Rokicki.

“It’s important for students to see actual Spanish in real life. It’s also important for them to know how technology is today and how we can Skype with someone in Puerto Rico. They got to learn a lot about what it’s like to be a singer and get to see some of the Spanish culture,” Rokicki said.

If you’re in a Spanish class and you missed the Skyping with Ennio, make sure to attend his concert in the Spring!


*some photos from the Skype session below*