Seniors walk the runway in 2016 Wesner Tuxedo Show

Seniors walk the runway in 2016 Wesner Tuxedo Show

Reneh Gelladuga, Features Editor

Every year Wesner Tuxedo holds a prom fashion show that showcases both their tuxedo suits and the community’s seniors. From March 10th-14th seniors from the Macomb county area were chosen to wear and walk the runway in the Wesner tuxedos. Seniors are paired up with other seniors from different schools. Couples match their color and walk together. Wesner holds the show to feature Wesner’s new prom tuxedos and the accomplishments of our fellow seniors.

More than 400 seniors participate in the annual fashion show. This year, Tower had quite a few seniors walking in the show. Those seniors include:

Alexa Andary

Vanessa Candela

Emily Chapman

Austin Hanson

Sydney Kruise

Justin McMahon

Emma Morin

Brittany Newfer

Zachary Osowski

Khang Pham

Jacquelin Pisani

Jeffrey Pokriefka

Mister Whitfield

Those 13 seniors were specifically chosen to be in the fashion show due to their high achievements in school, sports, and their community. Only those involved can participate in the fashion show. Not only do seniors walk the runway, they also have a chance to win a variety of prizes!

Prizes are given based on social skills and just for laughs. Prizes include money, food, and tickets. Specifically, some prizes were: a pizza every week your freshman year in college, a limo for senior skip day, and 100 free tacos. From Tower, Brittany Newfer was awarded with “social money”, a $75 prize where she is to use the money to go out with friends she made backstage at the show. Mister Whitfield was awarded with 100 free slurpees.

The school and staff are very proud of our seniors to have them be featured in the 2016 Wesner Tuxedo Show. If you’re looking for a tuxedo fellas, specifically a prom one, go to Wesner Tuxedo! Visit for more info on the show! Remember prom is Friday, May 20th!