Seniors Say “Thank You”


Here are the thank you’s from the Class of 2013!!

I, Jenna Brewer, would like to thank Mrs. Schmid for making me a better writer. Also Mme Martin for making me appreciate French and the French culture. Taylor Spencer for making me realize what real friends are.

I, Angela Badro, want to thank my teachers who helped me survive high school. I want to thank my friends who stood by me through the four years here. And I want to thank my family for getting me through the hard times.

I, Britnay Rohr, would like to thank Mrs. Win and Mr. S you guys are the best teachers I’ve ever had. You guys made my junior and senior years the best.

I, Dylan Frederick, just want to thank Mr. Tokarz and Ms. Gruben for pushing me through and keeping on me and making me apply myself. Also, I’d like to thank Mr. Vukich for never giving up and helping me out.

I, Taylor Spencer, thank Mr. Silwanowicz, for being an amazing teacher and a friend whenever I needed someone to talk to. I love you Mr. S.

I, Noah Jessie, thank You Ms. Cassler for keeping me on track and supporting my every move, you made this experience for me.  

I, Sam Jendza, thank all the teachers who helped me succeed, my friends for all our fun memories, especially Shelby Plotts.

I, Mandy Sztajer, want to thank Mrs. Swiatkowski for all the help she’s given to me these past four years. She’s really impacted my life!

I, Louise Fisher, thank Mr. Silwanowicz for being such a supportive teacher and everything. Also my parents for being my rock.

I, Jacob Newcom, thank all teachers, counselors, coaches, security guards, ect, for a great four years of my life.

I, Jillian Washington, thank Mrs. Adams for encouraging my dreams and always being there for me. You’re the best!

I, Autumn D’Addario, thank all of my friends who were there for me when I was upset, you saved me.

I, Kyle Tempalski, thank all of my friends who have made this year amazing. You know who you are! And thanks to Rebecca Turbin, for pushing me to do my best in my classes!

I, Lewis Jacques, thank you Brendon Jacques for giving me a great introduction to high school. Thank you Mitchell Berkley for giving me motivation to do sports.

I, Amanda Wozniak, want to thank everyone who is a part of Tower for making this school like my second home. Being able to try new things and make new friends is something I will never forget and hope the memories will last with those who have helped me grow as a person. Thank you!

I, Mike Pagano, thank you Matt Griebe, my bowling coach; you helped me become the best bowler I could be.

I, Danielle Homic, want to thank my family for everything they have done for me the past 18 years. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else in the world. I also want to thank my friends for making these last two years of high school the best school years ever.

I, Jimmy Auld, thank Mrs. Gruben, Ms. Cassler, and my best friend Kaitlin Laski. You made these years bearable.

I, Bethany Zrepsky, want to thank my favorite teachers , Mrs. James, Mrs. Conley, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Swiatkowski. Also I want to thank my best friend Brittany for always being there.

I, Brittany Zatorski, thank Mrs. James for making senior year math bearable, thank you Mrs. Conley for having the most fun classes, Ms., Adams for making the best brownies, Cierra and Veronica for being my favorite underclassmen and Kedon for twerking at lunch.

I, Chris Escott, thank Mr. Cutshaw for motivating me at tennis and giving me a chance to play, I also thank Mrs. Marx, Mrs. Schmid, Mrs. Curcio and Mrs. Win for teaching me and preparing me for what there is to come.

I, Sarah Sulkowski, thank my parents for always being my biggest Fans.

I, Sarah Voorhees, thank you, Mr. Dougherty for understanding my “senioritis” and motivating me to not give up. Thank you, Mr. Mackenzie for giving me so many opportunities this year and making my senior year memorable. 

I, Amanda Vergote, thank Mrs. James for always trying to helping with everything and dealing with everyone’s crap. Thank you Mr. Ohrt for letting us get powder-puff back.

I, Alex Candela, thank Mrs. Laws and Emilee Topp for helping me through the tough and dark times in my life.

I, Danella Bedogne, thank Mr. Dougherty for teaching me how to fully explain myself in my work and always helping  me. Mrs. Swiatkowski, thank you for making English so fun, you were my favorite teacher.

I, Cody Dyer, thank you, Mr. Rohloff, for being such a good mentor to me and a great coach, Mr. Martin for putting up with me all 4 years of high school and Mrs. Schmid for being an amazing teacher and friend.

I, Evie Walper, would like to thank Mr. Mackenzie for letting me drop APUSH and thank you Mrs. Swiatokowski for recommending me as a freshmen mentor.

I, Byron Hill, thank you, Ms. Sunde, for being there when I needed it.

I, Tim Niemasz, thank you Brittany for walking us down to the lunch room every day.

 I, Rachael Kopenick, thank you, Coach Sell, for your time and dedication with softball. Thank you Mrs. Cassler for listening to me vent. Thank you Mrs. Walczy and Mr. Marchand for making World History the best class ever. Thank you Mrs. James for being the best math teacher ever!

I, Melissa Malofy, thank you Ms. Cassler, Mr. Klayo, Mr. Mckenzie, Mr. Ohrt, Ms. Gruben, Mr. Tokarz, and Mrs. Pytel for going the extra mile to always help me out when I needed it most!

I, Sarah Batche, want to thank my parents for being my number one supporters throughout high school. 

I, Micah Turner, thank Mrs. Swi for encouraging me, Gulick for believing in me, and Ireland and Madeleine for always being there.

I, Mike Coniglio, thank you Greg Mayer, and Russel Correll for helping me become a better wrestler, but more importantly a better person.

I, Danny Newton, thank you to all the coaches, teachers, and friends I’ve had over the last four years. You all made it one heck of an experience.

I, Lawrence Jhons, want to thank Brittany Ruffin, Kyle Tempalski, Mitchell Parker, Lewis Jacques and family for always being there.

I, Locket Jamjumrus, would like to thank Mrs. Schmid for always allowing me to bother her during 6th hour and giving great advice.

I, Erica Wilson, want to thank my friend Amber Michon. She has always been there for me through all the good and all the bad she is truly one of the best people I know.

I, Elda Caka, want to thank Ron Tokarz for the endless amount of support and help he has giving me.

I, Katy Suminski, thank Mr. Corpuz for being there to make each day a little brighter my senior year!

I, Brendan Fitzpatrick, thank all my coaches, teachers, administrators and advisors who made my 4 years in high school easier and a lot of fun through things in the class room, sports, and extra-curricular activities.

I, Shelby Plotts, want to thank all my friends for an amazing and memorable time in high school, especially my best friend Sam. I love you.

I, Stephanie Tabroski, would like to thank Ms. Rokicki and Mrs. Conley for being my go-to teachers for advice.

I, Stefano Papale, would like to thank Greg Mayer and the wrestling team. If I hadn’t joined wrestling I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I, Laura Ponsart, thank everyone who was there for me when my mom was in the hospital for months.

I, Kaitlin Laski, thank Mr. Dias for helping me through a tough year, Junior year. Best communication camp leader. I thank Mr. Tokarz for helping me with W.I.A. and all my college stress! I’ll miss all our gossip.

I, Brittany Arthur, would like to thank my parents and sister for pushing me to do my best and my closest friends.

I, Collin Trax, would like to thank Greg Mayer for always giving me good advice and always being there for me. He always knows what to say whenever it was in the classroom or in sports and I would just like to thank him for that.

I, Jason Smith, would like to thank everyone that helped me become who I am today.

I, Krystal York, thank my Mom and Dad for supporting me, Cortney for being my best friend, and The Group for the ups and downs.

I, Alyssa Harten, want to thank Mrs. James for being an amazing teacher and always putting her best effort forward even when she’s having a bad day! I love you!

I, Chuckie Voorhees, want to thank my mom and family for always supporting me. I would like to thank Team 30 for being there for me and Derek knoll for being a great mentor and helping me out during football.

I, Kayla Yuhase, thank Mrs. Morse for helping and understanding me. You made high school a lot easier and tolerable.

I, Devin Hodell, thank our two health science teachers, Mrs. R and Mrs. V, for being some of the few teachers that actually care about us. Your classes helped me grow the most in high school and were most beneficial to my future.

I, Ielexus Ramsey, would like to thank my mom, Mrs. Gruben, Mr. Ohrt, and Mrs. Conley for helping me come this far.

I, Alexandra Weakland, thank Mr. Mackenzie for saving my life in 10th grade and Senorita for always being there for me and listening to all my complaining.

I, Jeremy Tunesi, want to thank everyone for being supportive of me.

I, Catryna Campbell, thank my Mom so much for all your help whether it was homework or friends, you’re always there for me, I love you!

I, Andrew Renshaw, want to thank all the paras for helping me when I needed help. Also the teachers for teaching me new things.

I, Jesse Sparkman, would like to thank Mr. Mayer for letting me on the wrestling team. It was a great team to be a part of. Thank you to all of the wrestlers for being great teammates.

I, Evan Whitehead, thank all my close friends for being for being there for me through the bad times.

I, Kassie Stanton, want to thank my provider and everything else including my mom for getting through the rough times all these years.

I, Shannon Szymanksi, would like to thank Mr. Sell for being patient with me during my sophomore and junior years.

I, Michael Sorrentino, thank my Mom and Dad, my friends, the Homic/Willis family, the teachers, and Administrators for everything they have done.

I, Ann Billinghurst, thank Ms. Rutkawski for always being there for me and helping me. Thank you Brittany Zatorski and Bethany Zrpskey for being such good friends and giving me shoulders to lean on.

I, Ashley Sexton, thank Ms. Conley. High School has not been the easiest for me, but Ms. Conley has helped me through it all. Thank you.