May 20th (Prom) is slowly approaching us. It can be a chaotic time especially for seniors. If you’re planning to attend prom, here is a to-do list to follow:

  1. Schedule your hair and makeup appointments as soon as possible. Salons book up fast nearing prom so make sure to schedule as soon as possible. The earlier in the day your appointment is, the better. Less time in the salon chair makes for more time taking pictures.
  1. Buy your prom dresses and/or tuxedos as soon as you can! Many stores such as Windsor and Wesner have sales going on at the moment. Take advantage of these sales. If you really do not want to spend too much, visit a thrift shop, or ask relatives around to borrow a secondhand dress/tux!
  1. As soon as you find your dress/tux, get those alterations done ASAP! Prom dresses normally do not take long to alter, but when there are a lot of orders to be fulfilled, you do not want to be last! Tuxedos and suits can be purchased easily, however you do want to ensure your suit is snug and not baggy! We wouldn’t want your date’s dress or dress pants to be tattered by the end of the night.
  1. Going with a date? Friends? Solo? Know who you’re going with. Don’t wait until the last minute to round up friends or prompose. Plan early.
  1. Car? Or limo? Round up your friends as soon as possible if you can. Don’t go out on the chance that you can just squeeze yourself in. There may not be room left in the limo. If you’re taking a car, take it to the car wash, and have enough gas.
  1. Decide a place to take pictures. Those choices are endless on picking a place to take pictures. Go to your friend’s house or maybe the park. Use your phone if you have a nice camera or take one with you, but don’t lose it! Take lots and lots of pictures.
  1. Get your PROM PASS ASAP! Fortunately, with a parent note and prom pass, prom attendees may leave after third hour on prom day. Get your parent note into attendance before May 18th to ensure you are given a prom pass. The only way to get a prom pass is to give a parent note to attendance. Then on May 19th, the day before prom, go to attendance during your lunch or after school. Prom day you hand in your prom pass and are off to get ready!
  1. Lastly, relax and have fun. Prom can be an amazing night, if you’re prepared. “Winging it” does not go well with an event like this. Get your plans set before hand, the earlier the better. You do not want to be stressed on a day like this! Follow this guide to ensure your prom night goes smoothly!



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