Omigod you guys… the musical has come and gone!


Allison Hansen

Over the weekend of April 17-19, the students from our drama department performed in their rendition of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and it was quite the show.

First of all, this was the first musical that our school has put on in quite some time that had a more contemporary storyline.  In recent years, we have put on productions for classic stories such as “The Sound of Music” and “Once Upon a Mattress,” so many of the students really enjoyed this change of pace.  “I thought this year was especially fun because the show was much more modern than ones we’ve done in the past,” Jessica Hanna ’15 added.  Since this musical is so new, it was easier for the students to relate to their characters.  “I really felt a connection with my character Paulette!  It was so much fun playing her.  I was able to be serious but also funny and awkward, which I feel relates to me completely,” Jessica said.

Not only was the storyline great, but the cast members also formed a very strong bond amongst one another.  “Musical is a place where everyone becomes a family.  We all argue and disagree but we are all great friends.  You make a special connection with everyone and you all put so much time and hard work into a common interest and the outcome is wonderful,” Jessica said.  Jenn Knost ’16, who played the lead role of Elle Woods, also loved performing with people that she’s close to.  “It was super fun doing this musical because of the people I spent time with and worked with,” Jenn added.

Although this was not Jenn’s first time performing for our school, it was her first time playing as the lead, and she enjoyed every minute of it.  “It was a really great opportunity and it reminded me of why I love doing what I do, which is acting and performing!” Jenn said.

While Jenn still has another year of working with our drama department, this was the last performance that Jessica and the rest of the seniors will put on during their high school career.  With this thought in the backs of their minds, this performance was very bittersweet.  “The auditorium has become my home and I’m so upset that I have to leave it,” Jessica said.

Now that this year’s musical has come and gone, the drama students are beginning to look forward to next year’s production!