Sam Raimondo, News Reporter

Say bye to daily interruptions and announcements! From now on out Tower Titans TV Production class will be uploading the daily announcements and will be shown on TV’s all around our school!  Not only will they be doing this but for the next eight weeks they will be doing news broadcasts as well. It will be uploaded to our YouTube channel which is called WWT NATION, so be sure to check it out next week!

Mr. Martin has a second hour and a sixth hour T.V. production class with about 12 students in each class! Each student has a different job when it comes to these types of things. For example, Sabrina Shankin a senior here is the anchor. She enjoys what she does, “It’s chill, I enjoy working with other people too,” Sabrina said.  She also hopes to maybe do this in her future career.
The students in this class create their own script. It is a 2-week process where they have to come up with story ideas, interview people, edit, and combine the scenes.  “I feel when the students create their own it gives them the experience of creating a news cast,” Mr. Martin said.