Erica Geml, NHS Vice-President works with Gina Genova during a tutoring session.

Sam Raimondo, Editor

If you struggled with your classwork 1st semester or simply want to work at raising your grades in 2nd semester, there is a free program offered in the library after school meant to help you achieve that goal. The WWT chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) offers the free student-run tutoring two days a week after school. Mrs.Wrinkle, NHS Adviser, along with students that are members of NHS run the program. Kiley Nitz ’18 is one of those students who works as a peer tutor to help her classmates.

“I like to help other students and tutor them because I get a better understanding of their classes and how other cases work they maybe I have not taken before. Also, I like to help other improve their grades,”  Kiley said.

  • Tutoring takes place in the library
  • It is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • From 2:30-3:30
  • FREE!
  • Anyone is more than welcome to stop by