Waking up in the morning is never a fun thing. Mr. Martin and his radio class are trying to make our mornings brighter again this year. It’s shown that a student’s outlook on the day is brighter if they hear their favorite song in the morning. “It just puts me in a better mood,” Elizabeth King ’12 said. It usually puts one in a good mood and helps one focus on your classes. “It [the music] is a good way wake up and make your day enjoyable, it is a nice way to ease into your day,” Mr. Martin stated.

Mr. Martin and the radio class are working hard to put together a playlist of songs that can be played in the morning. “It’s hard to find school appropriate songs,” Mr. Martin said.

They won’t be taking suggestions this year because they don’t have access to every song that there is. Their library is limited to songs that are school appropriate, with no foul language, and drug or other references. Mr. Martin has found that most of the songs that students are suggesting contain profanity or references to drugs or alcohol.

The music will start, hopefully, in one or two weeks. Their hope is to get it up as soon as possible.



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