Mr. Henshaw is another well-known teacher, teaching World History and Student Leadership, and has been here since 2014.

His favorite thing about teaching at WWT is “making a positive impact on the place he grew up”, since he has a lot of pride in WWT and it’s important to him.

Mr. Henshaw doesn’t have a favorite grade to teach, saying that “all of the grades are fun in a different ways”. He enjoys seeing the students become independent and responsible for their own success, but he does note it’s also fun to try and help them get to that point.

His favorite class to teach is his Leadership class because they “make so many positive impacts on the school and community”. He also notes that it’s rewarding to see them work hard to accomplish their goals.

Mr. Henshaw decided he wanted to become a teacher because he had to pose as a teacher when hunting down Cullen Crisp and found he really enjoyed teaching.

Three Fun Facts About Him:
1) Him and his wife used to live in Germany
2) He has never had an orange
3) He was a former break dancing champion (2009)

His favorite memory from high school was serving a Saturday detention with some kids he didn’t know. Throughout the day, he said they “learned we weren’t all different because each one of us was a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal”.

One piece of advice he’d give students?
“We are all Titans! Treat each other with respect, and have fun while being the best.”



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