From WWT LIP DUB 2011

From WWT LIP DUB 2011

Ashley Hojara, Editor in Chief

Our school is planning to make a new lip dub on December 22, including students from all different grades.  For those who don’t know, lip dubs are videos that combine lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video.  There will be a signup sheet on Mr. Martins’ door on room 235  for anyone wanting to participate in the WWT Lip Dub 2015.

Warren Woods Tower hasn’t made a lip dub since 2011. “It takes a lot of time, planning, and more importantly, students have to show an interest in being a part of the process,” Brittany Morford ’16 said. Brittany is one student who is volunteering to help Mr. Martin make the lip dub possible. All we need are students to be in the video.

Students who participated in the 2011 Lip Dub enjoyed the experience. “I liked being a part of something that tied the whole school together, it didn’t matter if you were a senior or a freshman because the lip dub was about Tower as a whole and it was unified,” Mariana el Ali ’15 explained.

If you are unsure about participating, just sign up anyways. “It’s better to be a part of a memory in high school and be able to say you were there instead of wishing you were. Even though it happened my freshmen year, it’s still one of my favorite high school memories,” el Ali commented.

There are previous lip dubs from tower on YouTube if you want to see what you would be doing if you signed up to participate. Don’t forget, everyone is welcome to be a part of this experience so look for the sign up sheets! If you have any questions, see Mr. Martin.