Lights, camera, action! Saving the school’s Drama Club


The cast of Seussical poses after one of the many songs in the 2011 Spring Musical

Samantha Kidd, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Starting this school year, students and faculty alike have seen many new changes at WWT. Some were improvements, such as the redone classrooms; others were not so good, as in the budget cuts. These budget cuts resulted in the loss of a librarian at WWT, and less or no funding for some of the school clubs. One club in particular affected by this, is the Drama Club.

Since musicals have been put on every spring at WWT for over 40 years, this tradition could not just be lost for the reason of not having anymore funding through the school. “Drama has helped me out of my shell to become who I am today,” Emily Pauling `12 said.

 Instead, these drama fanatics are going fundraising crazy in order to put on a fall play and spring musical! Members are trying to turn the Drama Club into a prominent club at WWT with officers and regular meetings at least once a month.

There are many fundraisers that they have put into action, and many more to come. The members have been to some local businesses asking if they would like to buy ads for/donate to the upcoming productions. They are also collecting box tops for education to raise money, so if you have some at your house, turn them in to Emily Pauling , whose mother has been a great help in getting this club started.

A future fundraiser that the club has in mind is putting on mini plays for people to see. Any creative writers in the community can help in this aspect as well, by writing a small play that can be performed by these drama lovers.

There WILL be a fall drama and spring musical this year! The fall director is Marcus Laban and tryouts will be held September 22, after school! This year’s drama is the comedy The Rubber Room. The drama will be performed in December. The spring musical will have tryouts in November. Both productions will be chosen and announced soon.

“I like that the drama club is kicking off this year because it has a nice community and a feeling of family and home. I meet a lot of people there and it’s always fun to get to know more people,” Brittany Arthur `13 said. Anyone can join! Find the WWT Drama Club on Facebook if you are interested in any of the many aspects of putting on a great show!