Senioritis is a real condition, and it’s beginning to kick in for many seniors; symptoms include fatigue, tardiness, laziness, and apathy toward homework/grades.

Dealing with Senioritis can be difficult, and while we’re all excited for the end of the school year to be here, it’s important to work as hard as you can until your very last day regardless of this feeling!

If you’re a senior that is still waiting for college letters, you should definitely keep up your hard work! Colleges are still looking at your performance in high school, even if it is the end of the year. In order to make a good impression, make sure you’re actually doing your work!

If you’ve already been accepted to a college, you should still be working as hard as ever. Whether students are aware of it or not, colleges have the option to revoke, or take back, your acceptance to their school if they aren’t pleased with your performance during your last semester of high school. It has happened before, so don’t let it happen to you!

If you are not a senior, this message still applies to you. Trust me, I feel like I’ve had Senioritis since sophomore year; you need to keep pushing. What good would it be if you worked extremely hard all year and just let it go at the end of the year? You would have wasted all of your effort for some not-so-good results. If you can last an entire year, what’s a few more weeks?

If your grades are low, turn in missing assignments, or ask your teachers if there is any extra credit to bring your grade up. Study hard for tests, seeing as they make up most of your grades. You should pay attention in class, and participate as often as you can to keep up with the topics.

I know the countdown to summer is shouting in the back of your head, but you have to shake it off as best as you can! School is still in session, and every student needs to finish as strong as possible. After all, is summer school really what you daydream about doing during your vacation? Probably not!

Keep up the hard work, everyone, and good luck!




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