Glowcoming is a go!

Glowcoming is a go!

Samantha Robert `12 purchases her Glowcoming ticket from StuCo President Jimmy Auld `13

Samantha Kidd, Co-Editor-in-Chief

People may say that there is a certain boredom that runs through the halls of Woods-Tower between Homecoming and Prom, but there is something exciting being added to the schedule this year.

“Glowcoming” is a term that has been whispered about by anxious students hoping to see if it will happen. Glowcoming is a dance like Homecoming, but without the need for an expensive dress. This is an informal dance where students can wear jeans and a t-shirt and have fun with their friends dancing under black lights.

“Not a lot of people have done this type of dance before for a high school, so I’m excited,” Micah Turner `13, Student Council Treasurer said.

This dance will be a joint effort between Student Council and the newly formed Renaissance Club. The dance will raise money for both clubs, as well as some of the profit being donated to the physical education program.

“I think it’s good to combine our ideas with Renaissance, it will only make the dance better,” Madeline Holsinger `14 said.

The two clubs sponsoring the event will be designing t-shirts for students to buy that will glow under the black lights, and that will be your ticket to the dance. Along with a t-shirt, each student will be given a wristband as they enter the dance. This wristband will be used to enforce proper behavior at the dance. If behavior becomes too “extreme,” your wristband will be cut off. On your second offense, you will be asked to leave the dance.

Another stipulation to the dance is that only WWT students will attend, no outside students will be allowed at the dance. However, do not let these rules affect your decision to go. This is the first time in years that WWT has had a spring dance, and StuCo and Renaissance want this to be a great experience for everyone!

The dance will be held in March 23rd. The dance will be a “reward,” especially for the juniors who will have just completed their ACT/MME testing. It is also about a week before the end of the card marking, so students will be encouraged to get their grade up so they can attend the dance.

“We want this to be something that kids can’t miss out on,” Mr. Vernango, Renaissance Club advisor said at a recent meeting between the two clubs. Both StuCo and Renaissance are working together to make this a huge success for the entire student body.

The dance will be held in the main gym, but the fun doesn’t stop there. There will be concessions and two photo booths in the aux gym. Also, to find your “glow” attire, see Mr. Vernango to get a discount coupon for Gloworks, who has a location at Groesbeck and Cass, and ask for Joe, Colleen or Dre. Gloworks also has locations at Macomb Mall, and Oakland Mall.

Tickets will be on sale until the end of this week, so get your tickets while you can!