Gifts to buy your love for Valentine’s Day

Gifts to buy your love for Valentine’s Day

Reneh Gelladuga, Features Editor

No matter the holiday, some people always have trouble finding a gift for their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Memories, experiences, and length of dating time all play an important role in what to get. Other factors such as money and availability also can affect your loved one’s present. Here’s a handy dandy gift guide for your special guy or gal:

Total Time Together: 1 month

You guys are slowly making it across the crushing stage, what do you get them? Something small yet sweet is the way to go.

For your girl/guy: A framed picture or collage

By now you guys have taken a ton of selfies and have went on a couple of dates. To celebrate them all, frame it! Your love will definitely put it beside their bed or hang it up on their wall. They can wake up to see the photo of you two and go to sleep thinking of you.

Total Time Together: 3 months

They say that once you hit 3 months, your “I like you’s” become “I love you’s.” A crush lasts an average of 3 months, and once that is over, you’re in love! How do you celebrate?

For your girl/guy: Clothing, accessories, and/or shoes

Nothing says I like you by buying your girlfriend/boyfriend, the material they’re made out of. What’s this shirt, cotton? No it’s boyfriend/girlfriend material!

Total Time Together: 6 months

Woah! Half a year! Your love’s gift should certainly be something more upscale because of how long you two have been together! Put some time and effort into this present.

For your love: A new phone, a new instrument, or new athletic equipment.

The two of you spend a lot of time together. You not only support them everyday, but in their extracurriculars. Give them something they can use quite often if not everyday.

Total time Together: 1 year

You two deserve an applause. The two of you have endured countless arguments, innumerable dates, how do you say I love you?

For your gal: Jewelry, an edible arrangement basket

For your guy: Matching key chains like wood carvings, or stainless steel rings

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach or giving them something to remind them of how much you love them. Food and jingling chains are the way to go to show your affection.

Buying gifts can be a pain, but your effort shows your love. Hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas or at least put you on the right path. Whether you just buy a card or take them out on a fancy dinner date, your affection for them will show. Happy Valentine’s Day!