Fall Finally Arrives in Warren


Emily Johnson

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the festivities of fall! There’s so much to do this season before it turns into the harsh winters we’re used to. People everywhere are rushing to cider mills and haunted houses. The air is amidst with creativity and excitement. This is the time of year meant for cozying up with your significant other or just to go out and have fun with your friends. Fall is here and it’s time to explore your options!

This one is for all you thrill seekers. Scarefest is located on 28 mile and can’t be found online! If you like to be scared then this is the place for you. “Lauren Bozek ‘13”, says that if you really want to be scared then try out the Haunted House or Haunted Hayride. It’s a frightening time for all that go.

Cedar Points Halloweekends is another fun way to get in on the fall activities. It’s an environment that makes you second guess your every move. With every corner, creepy characters appear and try to catch you before you get away. Some people even warn that the garbage cans are haunted. You just never know what could pop out of the trash! It’s suggested that you buy a fright lane pass, that way you aren’t standing in line for a haunted house for hours. Most kids say that it wasn’t too scary but it was more or less a good time. So don’t worry if you’re afraid of scary things.

Cider Mills are the most classic and enjoyable part of fall for a lot of people. You can find yourself running through a corn maze with your friends or drinking cider and eating donuts. It’s not hard to deny that as soon as you pull up to Blake’s Cider Mill in Armada that you will have a good time. While you’re there you can do many activities. Train rides, pony rides, hayrides, cornfield mazes, and several animated attractions are all available to you at Blake’s. Blake’s isn’t just an apple picking farm, which is good for all of us since apples are on a shortage this year. You can pick strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, and assorted vegetables.

During the night you can also go on haunted hay rides or enter their three story haunted barn! But if you’re looking do something different this year, check out their Zombie Paintball Safari. Haunted Blake’s is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Make sure you go!