The Ennio concert for the Spanish classes is quickly approaching!

Who is Ennio, you ask?

Ennio is the Puerto Rican-American musical artist that has taken the place of Justo Lamas, and he’s coming to perform in our district! Ennio, as a member of the Justo Lamas Group and United Cultures, has the job of spreading the Spanish language and culture across the U.S. His music is in Spanish, so it gives the Spanish students the opportunity to learn new music and sing along at his concert!

The concert is usually combined with a few other schools, such as De La Salle, and there are fun games and dances throughout the show. Students also often have an opportunity to meet and take a picture with Ennio after the concert.

These concerts are an annual tradition for the Spanish classes, and they couldn’t be more excited to make more memories at the concert this year! They even have some awesome shirts made (pictured below). Have fun, Spanish classes!

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