Easter Bunny comes to WWT


Emily Johnson

Being in high school, teenagers may have weird jobs. Most work in small chain businesses or at fast food joints but for Stoan Harris 14, odd jobs took on a whole new meaning when he became the Easter Bunny at Lakeside Mall.

Stoan sees all sorts of kids every day. He encounters awkward kids, kids that won’t let him pick them up, and occasionally some normal kids.

“A lot of the kids that come up to me are really awkward and they just lay across my lap for some time. When they come up to me, I give them a high five or a fist pound, depending on their age. Then I try to pick them up and we take a picture,” Harris said.

At the end of the whole thing, they leave with a picture of themselves with the Easter Bunny and a mask.

Now, granted that the Easter Bunny is busy and he only gets to take pictures with the people that come to see him, he still gets to hear some pretty weird things. At the top of Stoan’s list is the time someone told him that they wanted a dragon.

“Sometimes I get mistaken for Santa but it’s pretty funny,” Harris added.

So, this Easter, when you head to Lakeside Mall for some shopping, make sure you stop at the food court.

“I’ll be the one in the purple jacket!”