Costs For This Year


Sean Drabik, Co-Editor in Chief

Get excited class of 2014, because this is your last year! You’ve made it, and are now at the top and ready to move into the next phase of your life when high school finally ends. However, this year is going to be a vital year for everyone, with all of your grades having to be taken care of, have your plans set for your future, and be ready to go to college. In addition to all the preparations that have to be made for your future, there are also expenses for this year that must be made.

First off, you have all the general costs that many students will be paying if they are seniors or not. These include the class spirit shirts during pep rally week, which usually run up for about $12, Homecoming tickets, which usually go for about $20 dollars (Along with many other costs related to Homecoming including dress and dinner) and various other costs for miscellaneous events like sports and such. And of course, no one can forget the prices near the end of the year for Prom. Tickets go for about $60 some dollars, and prices on the various other necessities for the dance bring that price well into the hundreds, like dresses, dinner, transportation, and other preparations.

On a more senior exclusive level, senior spirit wear will also cost you. For the class of 2013, the spirit wear could cost up to $52 for a full package of the wear. Individually, short sleeve t shirts cost $12, while long sleeve ones cost $15. Sweat gear lined up for $25 for the hoodie, and $20 for the sweatpants. There aren’t any solid prices set in stone for the class of 2014, but these are good estimations to go by.

Last year’s senior dues cost $35 dollars, $20 if you did fundraising. Your dues will cover all of your funds for commencements, including your robe and ten tickets. In order to get your tickets however, you must make sure that all of your fines are paid.

Senior year is a time to be extremely excited for, but there is a lot of money to spend for it, and its best to get it ready soon.