There are many amazing and interesting teachers at Warren Woods Tower … but can you guess who this one is? This teacher has been here for  5 years or under. Before WWT, he/she taught at another high school in Kansas.  This teacher has taught Psychology, Parenting, and French.

A little bit about him/her… this person went to L’anse Creuse high school, Saginaw Valley State, and University of Kansas. They always wanted to become a teacher.

They have traveled  out of the country before and has a couple upcoming trips like to Boston and Portland. “ The scariest experience I had when traveling was being all alone in a new country while studying abroad,” This teacher said.

This teacher’s favorite color is purple and he/she love to dance.This person’s favorite show is Project Runway. He/She enjoys pop music that he/she can dance too.

He/She has no current pets but earlier this year he/she did have a cat. This teacher is in a relationship at the moment and in the summer has a big event coming up!

“ My craziest experience as a teacher was at my old school I taught at. This kid got really disgusted by what a girl in the class said so he decided to  jump out the window. I had to grab him and bring him back in the classroom, ” said this teacher.  This person enjoys his/her job, he/she loves to get to know the people.

This teacher would rather dress up then wear jeans and a t-shirt, someone who would rather wear glasses than contacts.




  1. Loves scarves
  2. Teaches on the second floor.
  3. Took part in the yoga club for WWT last year.