Sports can play a big role in people’s lives. They can be stress relievers, for leisure, and even just to stay in shape. To Senior Brandon Agents ‘16, golf is everything. “I’ve been playing golf pretty much my whole life. I started around the age of 5 when my dad first taught me,” begins Brandon.

Thanks to his dad, Brandon was introduced to golf at a very young age. While some had footballs or soccer balls in their hands, Brandon had a golf club. “He put me in the First Tee of Michigan which are basically golf lessons when I was 7 years old,” shares Agents.

To Brandon, golf is not just a sport. Through the years, it continues to aid him in life. “Golf is everything to me, because it has helped me take my mind off of things. It has also taught me many life lessons about winning and losing. Also about being disqualified and handling tough situations like the Lamphere match. If I wasn’t disqualified at Lamphere by the other coach then we would have won that match,” admits Agents. Sports can teach life lessons and to Brandon it does just that.

Brandon is captain of the golf team and spends loads of time out on the field. He is very serious about golf and is already practicing for the spring. “During the season, I practice almost everyday of the week. I have already started preparing for this year’s season with the help of Scott Pemberton, my old coach,” says Brandon.

Outside of school, Brandon plays golf for fun. “I really enjoy playing it and it’s always fun to play with my dad and his friends. I even play as a sub on his league up at Maple Lane, our home course,” tells Agents.

With any sport, there are trials and tribulations. Brandon has certainly had his share. “I plan on working extra hard this year to keep improving and have hopes of going to regionals. Then making states, that’s my goal. My personal best round was sophomore year which was an 82 at St. Clair Shores,” explains Agents.

“Shooting in the 70’s is all around good for 18 holes which I did. I was only 12 shots off,” says Agents.

Hardships do not stop Brandon and only push him to do better. “I continue to play because it’s really fun and it’s a lot harder than it looks. When you hit that one amazing shot it keeps you entertained, like you want to hit more of those shots to keep improving,” adds Brandon.

For Brandon, golf is definitely going to be a part of his future. His dream is to be a professional golfer. “I want to play golf professionally in the future, because I really enjoy and respect the game of golf,” concludes Brandon.



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