Autopsy gives extra insight to Forensics class

Autopsy gives extra insight to Forensics class

Sean Drabik, Editor-in-Chief

Tower Forensics class participates in a rather unusual annual ceremony. While most classes are content to watch a movie or go on a field trip to try to understand a concept in an interesting way, Forensics does something that would bring a face of awe to any outsider: They watch an autopsy.

“We watch the watch autopsy to learn about the human body, and show how forensics uses the body as a crime scene,” Mrs. Jennings said. She teaches this class, a science elective that teaches about the use of forensics in the world of crime solving.  This autopsy helps to show the many uses of forensics, and how the body can be studied to understand how life ceased in the body’s systems.

Of course, an event as unique and often gruesome as an autopsy will definitely draw a strong reaction out of those viewing it. “It’s something they won’t forget” Jennings said.

The students learned various important things about the human body, such as “What a brain hemorrhage looks like, and overall what the inside of the human body looked like” according to Jonathan Rosink ’14.

Though the prospect of viewing an autopsy seems shocking and disturbing to most, the Forensics class seems to be taking it in stride, using it as an experience that will give them vast amounts of knowledge to further understand the ultimate tool in solving crime.

And if this idea still puts you off, Mrs. Jennings gives a message of hope to those cursed with a weak stomach: “No one has gotten sick yet.”