Taelor Varner, Editor

Zack Bell ‘21 is a musician in the making. He has been making music for about a year now and says that this is what he wants to do. “I wanted to start writing songs of my own because of the money and how it just comes to me naturally,” Zack says.
He hasn’t shared any of his music just yet on any social media platforms as he hasn’t found an exact beat and producer that matches his criteria. He found out how much money he could make just by writing lyrics and it immediately became something he wanted to get into.
Zack states that he mainly raps and does his music solo, however he is open for a feature with someone. When talking to Zack, I asked if he planned on becoming a musician in the near future. “If I can make money doing this, then I’m going to make it stretch but right now, it is just a hobby.” Zack has so far created about 4-6 songs since he began his journey in music. Zack also shared that his brother and friends are what give him the inspiration to continue writing songs of his own.
 If you have a talent, don’t be afraid to show it! Zack isn’t and it’s getting him further than he could ever imagine!