Rake ‘N Run

November 12th,2022

NHS performed its 13th annual Rake ‘N Run as we went around the community and raked leaves focusing on households that may not have the ability to rake their leaves. We have a blast helping individuals and getting to do it together.

IMG_9978 - Kylie Portalski
IMG_3119 - Kylie Portalski
IMG_3121 - Kylie Portalski

Mirror Messages

NHS put up positive sticky note messages around the school to make people’s day whether it’s a student or a staff member. Although this is a simple act of kindness it can go a long way and has the ability to show people just how much kindness can impact someone. This service project influenced Mrs.Swiakowski to create her own positive sticky note wall in her classroom where students can take what they need or leave their own messages.