PBA Bowling Tour Finals Championship Round

Peter Vue, Writer

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The two top players Jason Belmonte, a two handed bowler and EJ Tackett, a one handed bowler. Both bowlers bowled their way to the championship final round, playing total pin fall, best of two games, the oil pattern they were playing on was a 25-foot oil pattern, chosen by Jason Belmonte. Starting game one, Belmonte came out strong and was striking and picking up his spares. Tackett was struggling a bit on the first two frames but found his groove later on in the game, but wasn’t able to take the first game. Jason Belmonte took the first round, scoring 239 and EJ Tackett scoring 204, with that game one ended.

Starting game two, EJ Tackett comes out striking the first four frames, for Belmonte was struggling to bowl on the left lane but eventually figured it out on his fifth frame. Throughout game two, Tackett was doing great hitting strikes. He was having a really great game. Belmonte was struggling a lot, but was able to come back, forcing EJ to strike on the 10th frame for a roll off but ended up not striking, giving Belmonte the championship title.


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