Juniors and Seniors! The end of the school year brings the most fun events, from Powderpuff to the Boat Regatta. You may prefer one event over the other, but one event all are equally excited for, is Prom! Here’s what you need to know, besides your hair appointment and where to get your tux, to make the day memorable.

  • $65 per ticket sold at all 3 lunches
  • Guest passes are in the front office
  • The last day to purchase tickets is 4/27/18
  • Turn in note from parent stating you can leave early the day of prom by May 8th
  • Go to Attendance Office May 10th during your lunch hour or after school to receive prom pass
  • You are excused after 3rd hour
  • Have your prom pass and student ID in hand to leave, or you will have to sign out manually
  • Prom is on May 11th
  • Located at Andiamo in Warren
  • Doors open at 6pm-11pm

For more information, click¬†here. Let’s make prom organized and fun for all involved!



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