Start the Semester Off Strong!

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Start the Semester Off Strong!

Sidney Bradfield and Writer

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Here we are, a new semester has arrived. We always say we want this semester to be the best one yet, but sometimes we can be unsure how to accomplish that. A new semester is a chance for a fresh start, and starting off strong and staying motivated is the number one key to success. So here are some helpful tips on how to start off your new semester on the right foot!



  • Stay organized. I can’t stress this enough! Things can feel very overwhelming sometimes, and the last thing you want is to feel out of control. You can stay on top of your semester by keeping organized. Try keeping a planner, setting reminders on your phone, or just jotting notes. It can also be helpful to keep a clean, organized room to keep some peace in a hectic life.
  • Set some goals. It is hard to stay motivated and strong if you don’t have something to work toward. Start this semester by setting some personal, academic, or even short term/day to day goals. Focus on these goals, and this will help to stay concentrated and motivated all through your semester.
  • Try out a new club or sport. Trying a new club or sport can seem scary at first, but it can also be very helpful to keep things fun and fresh. As school days drag on, things begin to feel repetitive, so it is important to give yourself something fun to get away from your menial day to day tasks. It’s also a really great way to expand your horizons, learn something new, and make some new friends. Tower offers a variety of extra curricular activities such as the new disc golf club, record club, and many sports to choose from.
  • Try exercising! I know, working out can be such a pain, but it has a lot of great mental and physical health benefits. It can be a really great way to get away and put your energy toward something productive. Working out can allow you to release a lot of pent up stress and anger, and it is also known to help you sleep better. It is important to keep a healthy outlet to relieve stress. A healthier lifestyle is never a bad idea, and it can help boost confidence, give you more energy, and can even help you to stay motivated during stressful times.



If you follow at least one, or even all of these tips, you are almost guaranteed to have a great semester. These tips will allow you to stay on top of your schoolwork, have some fun, relieve some stress, and stay more motivated all semester.


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