Tigers Wouldn’t Prey on Crickets

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Tigers Wouldn’t Prey on Crickets

Jewel Jhons, Writer

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Recently, the Clemson Tigers won the College Football Playoff National Championship. It is known that any major sporting event winner typically gets a Presidential dinner at the White House.

On Monday, January 14th, the Clemson University football team was welcomed into the White House for a celebratory White House Dinner. While our government is shut down, there are still chefs working in the White House that are more than able to make a proper dinner for champions.

I can kind of grasp what our President was thinking bringing in hundreds of burgers, pizzas, fries, and more for the dinner he was hosting. Although, I can’t express how unprofessional this seems to me. As the president of an entire nation, for events like these, professionalism is key. I understand the silliness that people may enjoy from this entire situation but, silliness is acceptable in only certain situations. When you’re the leader of an entire nation, there’s nothing to be silly about when the government you run is shut down for the second time you’ve been in office in one term.

I find it disrespectful when as a team, you’ve worked so hard to win such a respected award just to get a 5 dollar McDonald’s burger that you could get yourself anytime down the street from anywhere. Plus, as athletes, fast food is never the proper way to obtain nutrients. So when you’re eating healthy and suitable on a regular basis to then downgrade for a victor’s banquet isn’t logical.

As I did more research, I found that other celebrities and people in power agree with me. Rap artist, Quavo, tweeted, “I wanna show Clemson Tigers and POTUS how champs are supposed to be treated y’all welcome to come by the QC headquarters anytime…” Plus, the former NFL running back, Reggie Bush, also tweeted, “…@ClemsonFB [Clemson Football Team] you guys deserve better you are world champs and this is the honor you receive from our nations leader!? This is disrespectful on so many levels, just a huge slap in the face after that kind of performance! SMH!” Many more Americans expressed their disbelief that this happened at such as formal and high-end event.

While I will say that I did not see this coming, nor did the Clemson Football team, I cannot say that I’m surprised. This seems like one of those only-Trump-would-do moves because there’s no other president in American history that would ever do this. I simply can’t comprehend why he couldn’t have at least catered Olive Garden or something more professional than fast food. This just proves further how non-suited the president is to be a true and genuine leader.

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