2019: The New Year

Carlton Hobbs, Writer

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As we close out the year of 2018 I hope everyone reached happiness to the fullest, made mistakes, learned from them and moved on to the next thing in your life. It is important that we remember the ones we loved and lost in 2018. It was a hard year for everyone but, we pulled through going into 2019. Strive to go higher, achieve more goals, do not settle for less for anybody a brand new year is a year to do more than what you did last year in your life each time you get an opportunity to create a new chapter take the chance. With that being said, things we should leave in 2018 is depression, sadness, killing, the judging of others, telling yourself you don’t have a chance when you do, not caring for others, selfishness, greed, pride, anger, anything else that is not dealing with positivity for 2019 leave it behind you. Too many people try to make new resolutions for the new coming year don’t do it if you not going to be committed to changing following the list, my advice to you is to just CHANGE for the better for you it all DEPENDS on you to get where you want in life so that at the end of your life you can say I lived my best life, I achieved all that I could my work is done. Life’s too short to not give it your all. We all deserve a chance at life and to be the best we can be so BE IT!

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