What We Think About Extra-Curricular Activities at WWT

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What We Think About Extra-Curricular Activities at WWT

Jewel Jhons, Writer

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It’s obvious that overall, as being Titans, we are big on extra-curricular activities. While we do have a variety of clubs and teams you may join, I honestly didn’t think many people are super interested considering the lack of participation. To get honest opinions, I went to a few randomly chosen classes and requested for any students interested to take a quick survey on our extra-curricular activities. It was purely anonymous and some who were comfortable added their name.

To many, these activities such as mock trial, the swim team, competitive cheer, and many more we sponsor at Tower are just there. They don’t find anything too special or boring about them but they are neutral and don’t have too much of an opinion about it. Out of 15, five students said clubs and teams are essential to high school life while six people were neutral. Three others think they are semi-important and while none of these questions were required to be answered, one student did not answer. Although, 93 percent of students surveyed said they find being involved with school activities important. They want to be involved, look good on college applications, and/or make friends. A few added that it’s a cool experience and they wanted to keep busy. Joining a club or trying out for a sport is a great way to keep yourself busy if you find yourself bored a lot and it could do things for you in the long run.

Two-thirds of these students have been in a club or team full-time and the other third gave valid reasons why they haven’t and they all run along the lines of being too busy after school. Although, more half of those who said they couldn’t, said they wanted to join and if they could, they would. If only the timing was right our school could have more great volleyball and wrestling players, plus, members in record club, disc golf, and DECA.

All but one agreed that Tower has a good selection and variety of extra-curricular activities. They said they wanted more after-school programs, but didn’t add any ideas or examples. This survey was anonymous, but if the school authorities took more initiative to find what the students want to see here, they would see that us students have a lot of good ideas that should be acted on. While all but one did agree, nine students had ideas of what Tower should add to its decent list of extra-curricular activities to get more students from all corners involved.

The most common extra-curricular activity students want to see at Tower include hockey and lacrosse. There are many hockey players at our school that would be interested to showcase their talents all together as a team for Tower. Also, some said a Badminton team would be fun and students have found talent in this sport in gym class in which; could bring a lot of students from different areas of our school together. Plus, a boys’ volleyball team, anime, video game, environmental, k-pop, and cultural activities or art-related clubs would be appreciated by more than just a few students.

Overall, I agree that Tower has a decent amount of extra-curricular activities but I also strongly think that there could be more added and a lot more done to get these things added. We are at a time where students won’t speak up until given the chance and staff members claim they want to hear our voices but don’t take the extra step to truly hear us and do something to make anything happen. As students, we overall do care about extra-curricular activities but we would see more participation if there was an even greater variation to choose from so everyone has something they could be involved in something they are actually interested in.

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