Elementary Students with Cell Phones

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Elementary Students with Cell Phones

Jewel Jhons, Writer

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Buying smart phones for children under the age of 11 is personally one of the last things I would ever do. Not being near to the realm of teenage hood and already exposed to the harsh world of the internet, is not the environment a young human should grow in.

There’s no way that a kid in 6th grade or under could benefit from having a smartphone. While they could use it for research for school and gaming from time to time, almost all schools have computers, iPads, and etc. to do research at school, plus there are alternatives for games in which they could play on a console. If they are in grades lower than 6th or 7th grade, these resources are available because they know many of them don’t have their own source of technology because of their age. Although, in recent times, that hasn’t been the common case.

Kids around these ages are not ready for the new or old iPhone model because most are careless and will break it in the first few months or so. Potentially, some will learn key responsibility skills they will need in life but they don’t need to learn this way at a young age.

Although, the main concern is the additions that come with a smartphone. While to many, it is a positive addition, it’s also very negative. Social Media is probably the biggest concern for a young kid with a cell phone. It’s not safe with many fake accounts out there targeting young kids to get their information and starting their digital footprint without them even knowing the real dangers out there. Also, the content is hazardous to children’s minds and the people are definitely not always nice. No child this age is fully aware and prepared to enter the world of the internet.

Even though some parents could potentially restrict the internet usage and ban social media, kids will find a way around or convince their parents to allow them a few months after owning a cellular device. Even if not, and this child doesn’t not have social media and can only use internet with permission, being this young creates a target. Some hackers could call and try to obtain information and being this young they are very easily deceived. In every way possible, it’s not safe or worth the young ones to have smartphones.

Personally, I would advise to use child-safety tablets that don’t have access to internet without permission and no real direct connection with the world in this sense. There’s honestly no rush for a child in elementary or early middle school to have a phone when they are still learning the basis of their education.

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