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Autumn Okuszka, Editor-in-chief

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It’s only been two years since ‘Daddy’s Home’ came out, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, a comedy about a father named Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) wanting to return into his children’s lives after news spreads that his ex-wife Sara (Linda Cardellini) remarried a amiable man named Brad (Will Ferrell) who is more than ready to treat his new wife’s children as his own, fueling Dusty’s jealousy and making for a very messy situation between Dusty and Brad.

The movie, which was a huge success at the time of its release (earning over 240 million dollars at the box office), has recently came out with a sequel that some say is even better than the first movie.

The sequel, titled ‘Daddy’s Home 2,’ brings in an entirely new generation of dad’s to add to the equation and fuel the drama. Still starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, the plot introduces their fathers to celebrate Christmas, Kurt (Mel Gibson) and Don (John Lithgow), who have uncanny similarities to their sons.

The anxiety of having both fathers, wives, and children around for the holidays make for a stressful situation for both Dusty and Brad, which sparks a rivalry between the two that was supposedly resolved in the first film.

The movie creates depth for all characters involved, including the children for example. Dylan (Owen Vaccaro) who is struggling with having crushes, Megan (Scarlett Estevez) who yearns to fit in, and Adrianna (Didi Costine) who is still having trouble accepting her step-father Dusty into her life, as shown in the first movie, creating situations among the adults for all to understand and enjoy.

‘Daddy’s Home 2’ screams comedy and oddly enough, heartwarming moments at every turn as well, something that some struggled with finding in the first movie. The return of Roger (John Cena) who is Adrianna’s biological father and was supposed to just be a guest appearance in the first film, resonated well with many viewers as he became apart of the already large family, same going for both of the new fathers who are familiar figures in past and present movies and pop culture.

The addition of two different storylines in both Kurt and Don as well as the continuing storylines that surround the blended family make for a movie that will go down as a Christmas classic and a sequel success for many.

You can catch ‘Daddy’s Home 2,’ recommended over Thanksgiving break, at your local movie theater now and throughout the rest of the holidays, a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

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