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Sam Raimondo, Staff Reporter

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Exams are right around the corner and with that always comes stress, stress, and more stress.  Nobody likes this time of year, but it is something that has to be done twice a year throughout the school year.

With exams coming up studying is strongly required. If you chose not to study, there is a chance of not passing a class. If you do fail a class, that means the last twenty weeks of that class must be redone.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Stay organized and on task while preparing for your exams.
  • Make sure you do not wait last minute, start early.

“I usually start to study a week or two in advance or when I get the review,” Samantha Blalock ’18.

  • Make sure you ask questions, no question is a dumb question.
  • Get enough rest and eat in the morning before the exam.
  • ALWAYS study your notes, worksheets, quizzes, & etc. NEVER just your study guide.

“I always use flash cards and I do the review twice,” Ava Vilk ’18.

After exams you have new classes and new teachers. With second semester coming up it may be stressful but that means only twenty more weeks until summer and so many more breaks. You might want to set some goals and try to improve on things that you struggled with in the past semesters.

Here are some more helpful tips to succeed in 2nd semester:

  • Stay organized, have a different notebook and folder for each class.
  • Study everyday when you know you have a quiz or test coming up.
  • Stay focused and show up on time.

“I’m never late, I always show up 5 minutes before class,” Jared Jhons ’19.

  • Try and stay below ten absences

“I try to come on time everyday because I am looking forward to graduation. So far I only have six absences,” Maranda Decker ’17.

  • If you are confused on a subject go before or after to school and talk to your teacher.
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