Being Treated the Same

Carlton Hobbs, Writer

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Being gay or transgendered in the world can be hard and difficult, but there is nothing wrong with who you want to be as a person. One of the best and biggest men in the league, Dwight Howard, got convicted of so much for being caught with a transgendered individual by the name of Masin Elij, who appeared to be a man known as a hair stylist. Howard’s team threatened the individual by telling him that they will make his life miserable and break him down to the bone. The individual said, “I was scared for life after his team followed me around everywhere I went. I shut all my social media down where I couldn’t contact anyone. I didn’t sign the papers to keep my mouth shut about our relationship.” After the situation, the news started to spread and the NBA found out about the situation. Howard was going through it on social media for being connected with this person. All of this harassment led to Howard posting on Instagram, “I want to kill myself I can’t live anymore.” After all the drama the news quieted down about the situation. We just hope that the league sees him as a basketball player, and that it is not clouded by bigotry.

As a lesson to all people, no matter what gender you identify with, you’re still a person with heart, soul, and mind. Do not let anyone else tell you different. To our G.S.A Club, keep up the good work of expressing how you feel, telling people what you deserve, and letting others know they are special as a human being. Do not let people tell you different. All people should be able to live peacefully on this earth, not just one straight person.


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