Homecoming Parade

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Homecoming Parade

Jewel Jhons, Writer

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On October 13th, promptly at 11 am, the Warren Police led the Warren Woods Public School’s Homecoming Parade down Martin Road starting at Westwood Elementary School. The Warren Woods Tower High School award-winning band followed right behind the policeman playing their hit songs directed by Scott Corpus and the drum majors. Following them, the dance team danced along to the marvelous music.

As usual, the freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and band floats were included in this parade. The freshman built their float based on space invaders that included a vintage space invaders game and the sophomore float had a larger-than-life Donkey Kong. Juniors created a stunning Pacman with colorful ghosts and fruits and the seniors went on the smaller than normal route but really showed their details with animation in their float along with the band. The seniors showcased their amazing Mario that was paired with a coin, a turtle and other mini Mario additions. The band included their traditional large skirts and an animated Q*Bert. Members of each class also represented their class as a whole.

Throughout the parade many other groups such as a few girl and cub scout’s troops made an appearance. Also, the P.O.H.I students walked along a stunning nature showcase that included all the games chosen plus a rabbit that represents the school rabbit these students care for along with the plants.

Following ritual, all the sweet-hearts and sour-hearts were mixed in with their class and homecoming court came in mostly pairs in gorgeous convertibles.

The cheerleading teams from both Tower and the Middle school cheered on as they marched through the streets with pride along with the middle school football team. Also, the elementary schools represented the younger students of Warren Woods Public Schools.

Of course with winning the Channel 95.5 homecoming contest, they made an extravagant appearance in the parade in large army truck.

Between one to two thousand people were thrown hundreds of pieces of candy at them and greeted with many, many smiles. Overall, the 2018 Warren Woods Public School’s annual homecoming parade was a success, as usual.

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