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Sam Raimondo, Editor

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Dear Freshmen Class:


Well, Welcome to Warren Woods  Tower High School. You are starting a new chapter in your life and it may be scary but don’t worry all upperclassmen were in your shoes not that long ago. High School is not all what it may look like on T.V. or in movies but here it is a little bit! We do many things and our principles here are amazing, as well as the teachers!


“During your freshman year, you are now just transitioning into high school from middle school, so things will be different but not too much change,” said Jaclyn Hanna (’19


As you begin this new journey in life, you will learn many things here about yourself and those who you surround yourself with. The next four years will go by really quick but it will be an adventure that you will enjoy! So here’s a little advice for you….

  • Get involved! Don’t be that person who sits at home all the time because it will make high school not so much fun.
  • Stay to the right of the hall!!!
  • Stay organized.
  • Show up to school on time!

Here are some DO’S and DON’TS

  • DO pay attention in class.
  • DON’T fall behind and fail classes, as you will be behind for the rest of your high school career..
  • DON’T skip class because you’re lazy and don’t feel like coming.
  • DON’T blow off your freshman year!!!
  • DO your homework and study.
  • DON’T be lazy and procrastinate.

” If you ever feel over whelmed with work or school just talk to a teacher, they are willing to compromise as long as you have a valid reason,” Taylor Michael(’19) said.

Remember Freshman to get involved! Join clubs, sports, activities! Go to Pep Rally and Homecoming. Meet new people, that’s what high school is all about!!!

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