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Marissa Rankin, Editor

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Recently Warren Woods Tower High School, health science classes including nursing, and health information were given the opportunity to attend the annual health summit that was held at the Ford Conference Center in Dearborn; overall this program ran by Henry Ford’s Health System works to innovate health care. “There we did physical activities, and reviewed how to live a healthy lifestyle,” Tasnia Chowdhury ‘18 explained.

This program gathered select students from various school districts, five of which were students of Warren Woods Tower. Here Senior, Theresa Khouri ‘18 was able to practice what she has learned with her student action team that yearns to educate the community on healthy choices.

“At the health summit we created an action plan on how we can make our school lunches better and healthier,” Theresa Khouri ‘18 stated.

First semester has come to an end as the class of 2018’s last semester of high school is just around the corner! As the seniors steer off into the direction of their near futures, decisions are made based on desired careers that incorporate health as the health summit has inspired them to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Theresa shares her aspiration to be a nurse and expresses her passion for inhabiting a care for others within this field. “I always wanted to go into the medical field because I love to help others out,” Theresa exclaimed.

She has caught a sight into the daily life of working in a hospital as she donates four hours of her time on Saturdays to volunteer work at St John’s Hospital. “I learn a lot of important things in the hospital, I learned how it feels to work in a hospital environment,” Theresa explained.

She helps locate patients rooms as she guides them to the correct elevators and has the job of making them feel at ease and welcomed as they enter the hospital. While acquiring work ethics from her experience in the hospital environment it resonates a welcoming hand into her near future.

Although, Tasnia Chowdhury doesn’t plan on working in the medical field she intends to to initiate her knowledge in health and nutrition towards her desire to become an elementary school teacher. “I want to inspire my students to be active and eat healthy for a better future,” Tasnia stated.

We can conclude that both seniors obtain a strive for a inspiring a healthy lifestyle among others within both careers they hope to achieve!


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