Finishing The Semester

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Finishing The Semester

Jewel Jhons, Writer

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We’ve made it to the most stressful time of the year for us all. No matter what grade you’re in, what classes you take, and which teachers you have; you take some form of a mid-term or final semester exam. Now that we are back from break, in most of our classes, we’ve jumped right back into it and I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling the rush of the end of the semester.


This happens every semester in most classes. It’s understandable as a class if we are behind and have things that have to be covered because it will be included in our mid-term test but there’s no way that a class should be a week or even a unit behind at this point. I think that’s just poor planning on the teacher’s behalf.

Rushing things to a reasonable extent is acceptable although, I do feel as if some teachers take it too far and then they lose their students. Especially if every teacher were to do this then students would be overwhelmed with work and studying. There are quite a few teachers, even here at Tower, who aren’t understanding and are too right all the time to even take a minute to listen to their own students and comprehend what they are saying.

I understand that teachers want to be “nice” and not give homework over our winter break, but if we are that behind, they have to realize that there are students that would take the time to do some work that is needed to be done. While not all students would, it’s just like giving homework over the weekend. Many students will do it, but there will always be those students who choose not to, but that’s their decision. Personally, I know many students who would rather have gotten work over break than be rushed to finish many worksheets, projects, and tests in the last 2 weeks of the semester.

I strongly believe some teachers waste too many days giving filler worksheets. Also, I know many students that have had teachers like this agree with passion, some teachers waste too much time talking. Even here a Tower, I can name a few teachers that love to spend time talking about things that have no relation to our school work. While that can be acceptable for minimal days for a minimal amount of time, the fact that there are teachers that almost daily will take half the class period talking about random stuff and then give students a project or a large assignment and be surprised that no one has it done astonishes me.

At this point there’s nothing we can do, we just have to finish the semester as strong as we possibly can. This may be a rough time for you school-wise, as a teacher or a student, but we are so close to the end and then we get a fresh start so all we can do is push through it and try our hardest.

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