School Violence

Kacy Patterson, Writer

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“We can’t protect our guns before we protect our children,” said Florence Yared. Florence was a survivor from the fatal shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which killed 17 people and injured several others, which took place on February 14, 2018. In the past couple of years, school violence has been nothing but increasing in America. “As weeks pass on by with at least an average of one shooting per week” states CNN, nothing has been put into place about trying to reduce the school violence.  As much as schools can try and do their best to protect the students and staff’s safety, it really doesn’t guarantee or limit that something like this kind of event won’t happen to any school. Sandy Hook Elementary was a school which was involved in another school shooting, which happened on December 14,2012, “killing 6 women, 12 girls and 8 boys, all ages 6-7 years of age,” according to CNN. Even after this event occurred, nothing was even close to being put into place. This proves that not even children who at such a young age don’t even know what love, homecoming, or heartbreak feels like, and what graduation day butterflies feels like. They can’t get justice and make our government change in this increasingly devastating tragedy. Statistics show from Campus Safety that “since 1970, 1,300 school shootings have taken place.” Another statistic from Campus Safety states that “2018 has the greatest number of incidents with the high and increasing of 82 tragedies.” Lori Willenberg, attendance APA states, “Back in the day things like this weren’t really even thought of. There was nothing but physical fights and kids smoking their cigarettes outside or inside the school. That was my school’s biggest problem. We never had to worry about if walking into school one morning would be our last day talking to one of our friends, or saying bye to our parents that morning, like people nowadays do.” Our society needs to see a change in school violence, and we won’t stop pushing, sharing our voice, sharing our opinion and sharing real life events that happen continuously until we see that day of change. Our voices will be heard, and our voices do matter.


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