Turkey Day Travels

Kacy Patterson, Writer

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Would you think that Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year? Turns out that “49 million are traveling and 89% are going to be out on the roads.” (Melanie Lieberman) from the article Thanksgiving Travel by the Number. Thanksgiving weekend, which is November 22nd – November 26th, is the busiest travel days because families are reuniting to celebrate. You’d think that Christmas would be the busiest, but because when traveling around that time, you’d have to carry presents and deal with bad weather. People would rather travel when it’s better weather and don’t have to carry lots of luggage.

Numbers are at the highest referring to data.  According to AAA “41,900,000 is the number of people packing their cars and heading out”. Also according to AAA “36,100,000 is how many people will be pouring into and out of airports. They predict that 8% of air travel will account for Thanksgiving holiday this year.” According to Planestats.com “1,720,000 is the number of airplane seats scheduled to fly on Thanksgiving.” “Travel improves by 60% between the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving,” states the article Thanksgiving Fun Facts and Stats. So, if you can wait it out a few days, that would be extremely beneficial for your ride back home. Lastly, referring to the same article, “if you fly out Thanksgiving day, rather than the Wednesday before thanksgiving you could save yourself $40 per trip!”

Have a safe and stuffed Thanksgiving!


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