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Justo says goodbye at final concert

A group of Warren Woods Tower students had the opportunity to dance on stage with Justo to his song "Magdalena"

Elaina Clark, Staff Reporter

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Justo Lamas is a name that is familiar to anyone who has taken Spanish at Tower. Every year, the students prepare for the Argentinean singer’s arrival by brushing up on their Spanish, making posters, and listening to the singer’s hits. “We listen to his songs because it’s a chance to learn culture, language, and grammar altogether. Students would much rather learn grammar to a song than with a worksheet,” explained Profesora Rokicki.

This year, the concert proved to be yet another success, bringing students of Spanish together and sharing a memorable experience.

On May 11, 2012, the Warren Woods Middle School auditorium was full of excitement and energy.  Students from De La Salle, Port Huron Northern, Warren Woods Tower, Warren Woods Middle School, Ubly, Center Line, Clarenceville, Novi, L’Anse Creuse and Gaudior gathered for the concert of a lifetime.

The crowd waited with their glowsticks until Justo finally came on stage and began. He performed some favorites including “Eres Tu,” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” “De Colores,” “Te Toca A Ti, Me Toca A Mi,”and “Yo Me Lavanto.” The lively music had the students on their feet the whole time.

When intermissions came, the students were able to participate in several games, including a tongue twister game and another game where the students competed against Justo to see who could juggle a soccer ball the longest.

Students also had the opportunity to perform with Justo, including Emily Pauling  ’12 who sang “Todo Es Distinto” with Justo and several dancers who danced on stage with Justo to “Magdalena.”

“My favorite part is being able to see the students perform and getting to see Justo interact with them.” Rokicki said, “It’s all about the students in the end.”

This year, Justo was accompanied by a Puerto Rican singer from the Justo Lamas Group named Ennio Emmanuel. When Emmanuel emerged to perform his hit “Manda Un Angel”, the auditorium filled with excited screams.

The show ended with Justo bringing all of the Spanish teachers up on stage and giving them each a rose and a thank-you for allowing him to perform for our schools and for helping promote the Spanish language. “This year was different from the others because there were more people and people were more hyped.” Becca Shulte ’14 said.

Unfortunately, this day marked Justo’s last time being at Warren Woods Middle School for a concert. After 15 years of touring the country singing to schools and promoting Spanish language, he decided it was time to retire.

“I’m not going to stop singing, I’m just going to stop touring schools,” Justo stated, “but I’m going to miss not being able to see all the students anymore.”

Justo decided to retire because he wants to spend more time with his family as well as ­­­­­pursue other opportunities. “I’m going to work with my company to promote the Spanish language,” Justo said, “I’m starting my own TV show in Argentina. It’s like a news segment for kids, a CNN-type show.”

“I’m extremely sad but I understand his reasons for leaving.” Rokicki stated.

Although Justo’s not coming back, Ennio Emmanuel is going to be taking Justo’s place and he’s going to be the one touring schools. “I’m excited to begin touring because I can meet new students. It’s going to be a new experience.” Ennio said, “If I didn’t have this opportunity I would not get to meet the students personally.”

Ennio may be Puerto Rican, but he’s spent a lot of time in America. “I’ve lived in New York, Delaware, Ohio, and Florida.” He began singing when he was 7 and has always aspired to be a singer. “I began to sing because of my church.” Ennio stated.

Justo’s great songs and energy have impacted all of the students who’ve seen him, and they’re ready for the same qualities to be carried through when Ennio starts touring.

“I’m looking forward to Ennio,” Profesora said, “We get to hear new songs, fresh new music, and we also have the opportunity to learn about a new culture.”

The Justo concerts have had a positive impact on those who were lucky enough to attend the last few years. It’s a chance for everyone to come together, get along, and share their passion for Spanish.


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Justo says goodbye at final concert