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This is Titan Nation, the eminent site for all Warren Woods Tower news. This is a student run website filled with student created content about students and for students (but all are welcome to enjoy!). Titan Nation is more than just a word or a website; its a community of bright ambitious students, teachers, school staff, and families working together to create a positive environment. Its where creativity is rampant, the rewards for hard work manifest and a place where students start their lives. This website is dedicated to this community, this nation of Titans. It is designed to keep the community informed about all happenings, entertain them with fresh content, and reward student achievement by displaying their efforts to the world.

So if you are part of Titan Nation, related to one of its citizens, or just a wayward traveler of the internet, welcome! Here is a quick rundown of the website – let’s start with the blue bar. Skipping the Home button we come to Multimedia. Clicking this button will bring one to a page filled with all are audio and video content brought to you by the industrious classes of Radio and TV Production respectively. Our televised news show, Sport highlight reels, and podcasts can all be found here in organized and colorful glory.

The next button you come upon is the Staff button. Click here will display a small biography of all of our news staff, letting one get to know the men and women who run this website and bring you all the written content on it. It also provides a link to written content divided by staff member (Stories are also divided up by category on the lower gray bar or can be searched).

The next button, Links, creates a drop down list full of sites useful to students. This includes a link to PowerSchool, Blackboard and both the Warren Woods Tower and the Warren Woods School District websites.

The Home page, the first thing all visitors see, is a hub to all content. it displays all new stories, the newest video from TV Production, sport scores for recent sports, a calendar for upcoming events and a poll changed at least once a week.

So, to all viewers, enjoy this website, have fun with it, have fun on it and learn about this wonderful community. A website thrives off its community. So read it, watch it, comment on it,  love it. become a part of Titan Nation!

We Care. We Respect. We are… Titan Nation!

-Matthew Yodhes, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Your source for all Warren Woods Tower News and Media..